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What does an ethical landlord look like?

English version of the book "O que é um proprietário ético?"

Land and property are scarce resources concentrated in thehands of few, a fact that limits social and responsible usewhen driven by the market and private interests. Nonetheless,there are alternatives to the speculative market for land andreal estate.This publication builds a debate about social and ethicalownership, and presents experiments led by agents from civilsociety in different countries. Institutions that protect realestate from the market and speculation—mainly related tohousing – and guarantee that its use is affordable, just andsustainable.


Here is a collection of a few such experiments,particularly that of FICA in Brazil, a unique organizationfounded to safeguard properties and use them for socialpurposes. This book provides an insight on the processes,challenges, and possible partnerships with public authoritiesor private landlords. The debate and approach herein isnecessary for sharing solutions and multiplying projects insearch of better and more just land use.

What does an ethical landlord look like?

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